It’s Been a Blast

Happy Birthday Earth!

It’s hard to believe you’re 4.543 billion years old today. Typical Taurus, dependable and enduring. You have an affinity for nature that’s inspiring to all of us here at the office.

Maybe you didn’t create electrons, but you sure have created nice things. Birds, for instance. Picture-postcard tropical islands. Delicious peaches, trees, bugs, clouds, well we could go on and on. You’re very creative, Earth.

Where do you get your inspiration? It’s hard to believe your creative ideas pop out of nowhere. You never cease to amaze us. I hope you know that we the undersigned appreciate that.

Do you dream Earth? Are you awake when the sun’s shining on your face and snoozing when you’re facing the dark abyss of space? We do too. And if we’re lucky there’s some of your fresh fruits there for breakfast. You’re too much.

You’re a gorgeous beauty, Sweetie. What an icon. It’s hard to imagine anyone here in your lovely presence who wouldn’t like getting on your good side. You must have 7 billion followers. Or more like 100 billion if we count everyone who’s been here to taste your home cookin’!

We’ve heard that you laugh in flowers. That’s a nice touch. It makes your rain that much more special.

Thanks Earth. We appreciate all you do for everyone. And many happy rotations Madame.



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John Coulbourn

John Coulbourn

Some day soon books and poems will be written by Artificial Intelligence. Please make do until then.